Lipotrim Weight Management

Nelson Health Centre Pharmacy are now offering the Lipotrim program. The Service-_additional_-Weight-Managementsafe and long established healthy way to lose weight, supervised by the Pharmacist.

Lipotrim is a reliable, maximum rate weight loss program that was introduced into pharmacies in 2000 after more than 13 years in GP surgeries. 

Pharmacists are ideally placed to help you manage your weight as they already provide many health services to customers, including stop smoking services, blood pressure and cholesterol measurements and general advice on nutrition and healthy living. Pharmacists also know when a weight problem can be managed in the pharmacy and when there is a medical problem that needs co-operation with the doctor.

No Drugs

Lipotrim contains no drugs. It is based upon a Total Food Replacement concept which ensures appropriate nourishment while creating a substantial calorie gap for rapid weight loss.

Weight Maintenance

The time has come for people to recognise that overweight people are suffering from a difficulty with weight maintenance


Results published in the medical literature document an expected loss of about 6.3 kg (1 stone) per month for women and somewhat more for men.

Obesity can be treated effectively, but should be treated with complete medical involvement

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